7 Types of Background Checks: Perform Prospective Hiring

On any job candidate, the organization can conduct different kinds of background check to know more about the prospective attributes. The background check is of immense importance now-a-days due to rising expatriates and determined miscreants to intrude inside the company’s essentials. As there are various forms of background check, and so, all background checks are not the same and hold different purpose, depending on the job role. In order to confirm the validity, such as all the past records that include a persons’ certificates, education, permanent address, criminal records, employment history and other activities that are necessary pertaining to the job post and organizational guidelines. Here know the types of a background check and other notable Thailand background screening that are mostly performed to evaluate the various situation in regard to know the various situations of the candidate.

  1. Employment screening: To prevent any threat across the workplace, employers need to put background check and if the organization policy is strenuous, then check includes, character references, Social security number verification, skill test, criminal history and past experience verification.
  2. Education verification: Academic verification is a must as there are many fraudulent activities that are majorly around to issue a falsified degree certificate. Along with the academic certificate verification, also, check on reference address to validate this for employers.
  3. Social security number: What do you think about all the words uttered by the candidate? Is it true or false? If it bugs you then don’t think much, hire Background Check service provider to know more and save your time and money. Hence, a simple trace to their social security number can reveal many hidden truth and thus, know the actual person and verify if he/ she is the right applicant for the job.
  4. Drug screening: There is a specific industry like hospitality domain, aviation or driving, the employers need candidates who are free from such substance abuse. Determine through this drug test helps present and future workforce, as there will be no more unhealthy state of mind.
  5. Driving record Check: if the job requires utmost responsibility, also get the driving record check as safe driving record proves sincerity and safe personality. The results of this screening determine traffic accident records, present drivers licence status, traffic law violations, convictions, fines, and driving record points.
  6. Registry check for Sexual offender: Any past history with a sexual offence can be a dangerous threat to any company. Hence, to check the record can prevent unnecessary sexual advancement or harassment. Performing such check on selected applicants helps to lower down an organization’s risk of workplace sex violence or offences.
  7. Credit background check: This background check is sometimes important, especially to administer over expatriates. Employers do need to analyse the use of a credit background check to realize the fiscal responsibility of the potential employee, especially when the job post needs a responsible holder who knows how to deal with money or finances.

Business organizations want to be sure about all the provided information by the candidate is truthful and complete. It’s not just about the organizational policy, it is also about security and safety of the present employees and to develop a concrete workforce. There is no doubt that the entire phenomena of background screening drill down deeper into all the information about the candidate.

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