Decoding Australia’s beach culture

In Australia a beach happens to be the most dynamic and democratic place. In the australian beaches no one cares what you wear and who you are. You will find no discrimination on the beaches. You will find a lot of different tribes at the waters of Australia. It is said that if you are an Australian then there is a high chance that you live by the coast.

A lot of Australians have spent a significant time of their youth on beaches. Once they are on the beach they are charming to the fullest. In Australia the beach belongs to everyone irrespective of your race or ethnicity. The beach is a public property down under and there is no concept of privately owned beaches in the country.

Best Australian beaches
Some of the best beaches of Australia are as follows:
● Bondi beach- The beach culture of Australia usually starts with the Bondi beach. The beach is located at sydney and has a history of being the world’s first Surf Life saving club. This beach is the place where the bathing suit protests in the 1900s took place and the bikini was then embraced by the pop culture. Nowadays the beach is full of tourists and locals. The atmosphere here is electric as there are people from all walks of life are present here and mingling together.

● Lizard Island- Located at the Great Barrier Reef the Lizard Island is the perfect picturesque example of an island gateway. This remote island has 23 stunning white beaches and you will require deep pockets to explore each one of them. Some of the finest private villas are located on this island and its secluded beaches are a blessing to witness.

● Byron Bay- Byron Bay once upon a time was a small hippy town that has seen the development of some very attractive boutiques, modern resorts and cafes over the last two decades. One common thing is the quantity and the quality of the beaches adored by the people who visit here. Byron Bay is located basically at the easterly point of mainland Australia situated at the Northern New South Wales.

The Northern Beaches are located in Sydney’s northern coastal suburbs, closer to the Pacific ocean in the state of New south wales Australia. Towards the south the area extends to Port Jackson, towards the north its broken bay and Middle Harbor in the west. The area is an amazing stretch of coastline. The Manly and the North Narrabeen beaches in this area are particularly famous for surfing. Northern beaches are a great destination for cityside coastal escape. The place is filled with a burgeoning foodie scene, sunkissed locals, amazing surfing beaches. In this article we mention some of the best things to experience in the Northern beaches district.

The district is governed and administered by the local level of the Northern Beaches Council formed in 2016 from the Manly Council, Warringah Council as well as the pittwater Council. The Northern Beaches happens to be the most mono ethnic and white district in the entire Australia compared to its diverse neighbours Central Coast and North Shore.

If you enquire about this place from your buyer’s agent Northern Beaches then you will be able to find out more. Moreover you will also gain an insight about the residential plight of this part of Australia. There are ample reasons to live in the Northern Beaches area since this place is amazingly vibrant. The place is filled with amazing parks, cafes and localities where you could have the best of your time.

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