4 Different Styles Of Horse Racing – Which One Will You Want Your Dixie Serenade Horse To Play?

Do you love horse racing? Do you love to race a horse and win the game? Then this blog may definitely help you.

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that can be classified into multiple categories based on its styles. These include flat racing, jump racing, harness racing, and so on. Would you like your Dixie Serenade horse to participate in any of these entertaining events?

Don’t let yourself be confused. Instead, run your eyes through the blog and learn about the sport styles in detail.

Different Styles Of Horse Racing

  1. Flat Racing: Flat racing is one of the most popular racing styles that is particularly dealt with thoroughbred horse. Here the horses are raced on a flat level surface of length 1-3 miles. Now the distance, of course, depends on the type of event while the tracks are often made dirty, especially in the US.Flat racing style can be further classified into two groups –

    A. Conditions racing
    B. Handicap racing

    Both the styles of flat racing prefer to use handicaps set of horses. Other than these two styles, several classic styles are also there where you can race your Dixie Serenade horse.

  2. Jump Racing: Jump racing, also referred to as National Hunt, is a style where the horses encounter several obstacles, where they need to jump and reach the destination. The obstacles may include jumping over fences, ditches, or any other obstacles to win the race.Well, betting a jump race is a bit troublesome. As you need to have a proper grip on different variables, including the horse and the jockey.

    Jump racing is classified into two groups – Hurdles and Steeplechases. Both of them are quite famous in the biggest race shows.

  3. Harness Racing: Harness racing defines the race where horses are responsible for pulling a sulky controlled by the jockey and at a predetermined pace. The interesting thing about this race is the horses are penalized if they slowed down forcefully to lose the game.Be the witness of this harness racing before you do betting.
  4. Graded Stakes Racing: Graded stakes racing, as the name suggests, is the sport where the horses are given grades for their position. This displays the range of horses based on their competitive scores.The scoreboard displayed thus works as a measuring element for the owners, jockeys, trainers, and horses. Examining their score it is concluded which horse is best for the race, which needs more training, and which is more competitive. Probably in this way they set a price for the individual horse.

    Now, talking about the race, graded stakes race comes with different length and tracks variants. Some popular graded stakes races are like Arkansas Derby, Santa Anita Derby, and Travers Stakes. The best thing about them is they are individually unique and are known for their quality, adversity, and competitive nature.

  5. Endurance Racing: Endurance racing is all about longer tracks to be completed in a shorter time. Endurance racing event, unlike other events, test the endurance level of the racing horses. Their longevity, their strength, are all that they conclude at the end of the game.In this game, speed is not actually the main attraction. Rather it challenges the horses to keep on running through the longer tracks without fading away. You can definitely have your Dixie Serenade played here. However, Arabian horses are more popular for this game.



Thoroughbred, American Quarter horse, Arabian horse, etc. are frequently raced in different styles. Why don’t you have your Dixie Serenade horse compete with others? Probably, you will be the winner this time.

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