All you need to know about diablo 2 runes

Diablo 2 Runes

Diablo 2 runes are very important items that appear in Diablo 2, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest video games ever made. Diablo 2 runes are magical symbols carved on a rock.

Originally introduced in Diablo expansion Hellfire as usable items, they were introduced again in Diablo 2 as a never-before-seen type of new socketable item which comes with jewels.

Why are runes heavily sought-after by diablo 2 players?

If and when diablo 2 runes are inserted into socketed items, they can add many magical attributes, which depends on the socketed item. Diablo 2 runes are actively sought-after by diablo 2 players because they can help in creating rune words. Rune words are special combinations of runes which have a lot of powerful magical attributes.

It is possible to upgrade runes to higher runes in patched versions of Diablo 2, by using the Horadric Cube. To form a rune word, you will have to socket diablo 2 runes in the right order.

What are the different types of diablo 2 runes?

Let’s have a look at the different types of diablo 2 runes.

  • Low Tier Runes: – Since these diablo 2 runes are pretty common, they are normally sold, rather than being held onto. They are EL, ELD, TIR, NEF, ETH, ITH, TAL, RAL, ORT, THUL, AMN and SHAEL.
  • Mid-Tier Runes :- They are a lot more valuable than low-tier runes. Combinations of these runes are used to make rune words with powerful magical attributes. They, are SOL, DOL, HEL, IO, LUM, KO, FAL, LEM, PUL, UM.
  • Top-Tier Runes:- Now we finally come to the cream of the crop. The top-tier runes which are heavily sought-after by diablo 2 players. The combinations of top-tier runes can be used to make very powerful rune words. These are the runes which are normally traded and purchased on D2 items sites. All diablo 2 players are suggested to never trade these runes unless they are getting an expensive and rare item in return. They are as rare as it gets and the rarest of them all is the ZOD rune which drops about 1 in 38 million drops!

Here’s the full list of top-tier diablo 2 runes.

  • MAL, LEVEL – 49
  • IST, LEVEL – 51
  • GUL, LEVEL – 53
  • VEX, LEVEL – 55
  • OHM, LEVEL – 57
  • LO, LEVEL – 59
  • SUR, LEVEL – 61
  • BER, LEVEL – 63
  • JAH, LEVEL – 65
  • CHAM, LEVEL – 67
  • ZOD, LEVEL – 69
If not in the game, then where can you get diablo 2 runes?

Now that we have established how difficult it is to find diablo 2 runes in the game, some players try to buy it on some of the many d2 online stores out there. Diablo 2 runes are some of the most extensively bought diablo 2 items by diablo 2 players.

While looking for the runes in the game is a thrill for many, it can soon turn to be a hopeless chore, because the chances of some of the runes being dropped are incredibly dropped. You’d have to be very lucky to get the ZOD rune in the game which has a drop rate of 1 in 38 million drops but you can easily get it in different online D2 stores.

As long as you are buying top-tier diablo 2 runes from genuine and authentic diablo 2 stores, you can be assured of getting instant delivery. Further, you’d get security guarantees and warranties on your purchases.

All products sold on legitimate and reputed D2 online stores are permed for durability and sourced through 100% legitimate means, which implies that they come with 0 risks attached.

D2 item stores are often frequented upon by many diablo 2 players to get different essential d2 items which helps them in enjoying a superior gameplay experience.

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