5 Safety Tips for Your Pet During the Summer Time

Summertime can be fun-filled with your pet if you know how to keep your pet happy in such hot climate. Human being has the super adaptability to acclimatization. But, your pet doesn’t have that much capability. So, it can be very tough for your pet to adjust to a hot and humid climate. Also, wild animals too have the power to adapt to any climate but it’s a bit tough for the domestic ones.

Being in the presence of ticks, fleas, and other insects in the summertime, your pet can have a miserable time. So, you being an owner have to make sure your pet feels safe and chilled in those hot summer days.

Here are the Safety Tips for Your Pet During the Summer Time

  1. Protection from heat

Humans and wild animals are enough capable to make a hot humid day overwhelming. But, your pet doesn’t have that much capability to deal with this heat. human being releases sweat through all over the body but for your dog, he only has his paw pads to release sweat. And also, dogs and most of the domestic pets’ release sweats by panting.

Animals who have flat faces like Persian cats and pugs have a problem with panting effectively. So, you have to understand these animals are more prone to heatstroke. So, make sure your pet has enough access to cool and freshwater. Also, they should not be allowed to troll around outside when the sun is scorching.

  1. Keep them away from fleas and ticks

You can’t keep your pet indoor all along the day. While you take them outside they can be susceptible to diseases carried by bugs, summer insects, ticks and fleas, etc. So, if your pet is desperate to play outside then make sure that the grasses are short. It will reduce the chances of getting attacked by fleas and other insects. Also, you can use bravecto large dog anti-tick and flea medicine to protect your pet.

  1. Have an eye on your pet

Your pet should be under your vigilance all along the day. They are like a baby. During the summer day, when your cars are overheated, then antifreeze may start leaking out. Because of its sweet taste your pets especially dogs and cat may feel tempted to this substance. But. If they ingest the toxic element, then it can invite serious trouble.

  1. Water safety

We can’t think about an activity in the summertime without water. In this case, water safety plays a significant role for your pet’s safety. You can bring them to pool or beach site to enjoy some cold breeze. But, have an eye on them during this time. Otherwise, it might be dangerous for them to enjoy in the water.

  1. Application of sunscreen

There are some particular breeds who are susceptible to sunburn. In this case, you can talk to your vet for further information about the application of sunscreen. Without the proper application, these lotions can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, lethargy and other serious illness.


Stay up-to-date about everything you can do to denote the great care for your pet. To ensure the health and happiness of your dog in the summertime and maintaining and establishing good pet health defines keeping up with regular visits, vaccination and immunization schedules, vet visits as they age. Practice these responsible care steps, along with bravecto large dog flea and tick protection as a backup pet care strategy.

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