Is it a tooth problem or just passing sensitivity?

Let the best dental office in Troy, Mi help you determine when there is real tooth or mouth problems as opposed to passing sensitivity.

It is not uncommon to have “sensitive” teeth.  However, do not mistake sensitivity with tooth pain/problems.  Here are some tips when distinguishing pain from sensitivity:

1) If cold sensitivity lingers in teeth for greater than 15 seconds, there is a possibility that tooth or gum problems can be present.

2) If teeth are sensitive to hot and/or pressure, this is a good indication that there is a tooth or nerve problem involved.

3) Teeth that hurt when eating sweets usually means that there are bacteria with resultant decay present within the tooth.

4) Any constant throbbing tooth ache usually indicates problems within the tooth.

5) Pain upon biting that throbs fzor 30 seconds upon release usually indicates cracked tooth syndrome.

These situations should be addressed sooner than later at the dentist troy mi.

Other types of sensitivity may include:

1) Passing sensitivity to cold (less than 10 seconds).

2) Sensitivity from using over-the-counter tooth whitening products.

3) Soar jaw/muscles/teeth from grinding or clenching teeth.

4) Pain associated in upper back teeth related to sinus congestion.

5) Phantom tooth pain that may occur sporadically and infrequently.

These are some examples of sensitivity that should also be examined by the dentist but may wait to be addressed at a routine dental visit.

Sometimes, these aches may even subside on their own!  It is important to note that you must keep a close watch on these areas to ensure that they do not develop into a “real” tooth or mouth problem.

Some ways that you may avoid having tooth or mouth aches are by being diligent with home care as well as professional dental health care.

At home, it is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss.

Routine dental cleanings, exams, and any necessary radiographs should be performed by your dental office at least twice a year.  This will ensure that problems will not go undetected.  It also allows the dentist or dental hygienist to clean your teeth in areas where you may not be able to clean or clean so easily.

The professional dental team can also evaluate your home care and provide any comments, concerns, and suggestions to aid in improving and maintaining your oral health care.

In conclusion, “don’t fall behind the eight ball”.  Know what signs and symptoms to look for to avoid tooth or mouth aches and keep up with routine dental visits!

Dr. Shikha Batra is a general and cosmetic dentist practicing in Troy, Michigan.  Please feel free to contact her office at 248-362-1100.

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