Create your own customized streaming media platform with Plex seedbox

You might have heard of the term “Netflix & Chill”. Right? But over the last decade, Netflix is not the only media streaming service in the market. With so many media streaming providers these days, it has become quite an exhausting experience for users. Plus, it digs up a big hole in our pockets with the monthly subscription fees of these services.

So how can you quench your thirst for watching all these amazing movies and TV shows that are available on different platforms? You can’t go on forever to get subscribed to all the streaming services. What if we tell you we might have a solution for this and that too without spending much? Yes! You read that right.

Plex seedbox is this amazing streaming media server that can help you create your very own media streaming platform. It offers you features that can help you achieve this. So without any delay lets discuss them.

One tool for all streaming services

Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar and many more are on the list of media streaming providers. So how can someone keep up with all these media providers? No need to go run around signing up for all these services. Just stick with one and that is Plex.

Plex enables you to download and stream files directly on your browser. Download and keep it on the server for streaming later. It won’t take up the storage space of your computer.

Share your files with others

Not just you but your friends and family can also avail the benefits of this awesome tool. You can easily share your media files with others over the internet.

You can give access to your Plex library to your desired people. Provided they have to be a member of this server as well. Then you are good to go as you can just add your friends to your profile. They can easily access your indexed media files.

Supports multiple platforms

Just like any other media streaming apps, Plex as well is compatible with almost every platform. It includes Android, Windows, Linux, Chromecast, smart TVs, Web and many more.

However, some of the options might need a one-time payment. But this will only give you a bonus feature of streaming media from several places and that too for free.

Stream more than just videos

Netflix might give you the liberty to stream videos but can it provide you to stream audio files. Well, Plex gives you the authority to stream more than just videos.

This awesome server gives the freedom to stream not just audio files but images as well. In fact, Plex has been upgraded to a newer version for giving you more components in streaming audio files.

Video quality can be adjusted

Plex is pretty much adaptable in every category. When it comes to switching video quality of your files, this streaming server gives you the option to choose the quality of your videos.

According to your suitable data connection, you can alter your video streaming quality. Henceforth, giving you all the more reason to get this tool.

So get Plex seedbox now and stream as much media as your heart desires without any restriction.

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