Everything You Need to Know About Thermal Inkjet Printer

Printers are useful addition to everyone’s home. But if you can’t choose the ones that fit your purpose, then it can cause pain too. You have probably grappled with printers that don’t work the way you want it. The issues can be with ink, connectivity or cleaning head. But, if you choose the one that fits your purpose then it can deal with all those issues. But, do you know how to choose the right fit for your purpose? You can either buy it for office use or you can buy it for your home usage. There are two kinds of printers booming in the market right now; laser and inkjet printer. The difference between the two is that the former doesn’t use ink while the later uses ink. Thermal inkjet printer is the most commonly used printer. Thermal inkjet printer is not like thermal printers. But these are the most commonly seen in consumer households due to their affordability.

The process of thermal inkjet printer

The process of printing in thermal inkjet printer involves applying dry and wax-based pigment on the paper by using heat. It may feel like melting crayons on the paper. But, the process of thermal printers is faster compared to other printers.

The refills and ink cartridges are now readily available online. So, you don’t need to rush here and there in search of them.

The quality of thermal printer

Thermal inkjet printing provides you glossy and protective finish. In inkjet printing process, the images get damaged due to moisture and humidity. The ink in the inkjet printer can smudge anytime. So, you can’t rely on it completely. But, this is not the case with thermal printers. But, once the printing is done, you cannot mark up anything on it by using your hand. A little care should be taken while inks are warm So that it doesn’t let the colors commingle.

When should you consider choosing inkjet printer?

  • Inkjet markers can be advantageous when you have variety of materials to be printed in range of colors.
  • Inkjet marking is cheaper than any other marking system.
  • It is one of the environment friendly ways for printing.

It is known for printing high-quality images with more saturated color.


So, if you are required to print in small quantity providing high quality then a thermal inkjet printer is for you. There are online sites available from where you can buy it. They add proper specification and features so that you can choose the one suits best. Even you can refill your ink and cartridges. There are online platforms available offering ink and cartridges at low price. So, are you opting for thermal inkjet printers?

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