4 Must See Attractions of Egypt That You Cannot Miss

Planning to go on a luxurious vacation to Egypt? Well, you have chosen the right destination as Egypt has got it all to offer the wanderlust travelers. From luxurious vacay spots to chill to mesmerizing ancient destinations for exploration, Egypt is a perfect tour destination.

Your journey will only be more delightful if you choose the right Egypt luxury travel package offered by some great travel & tourism companies. However, make sure to witness some of the must see attractions when you visit this iconic travel destination.

One cannot truly say they’ve toured around Egypt unless they visit these attractions. So if you are someone who’s making a plan to go to Egypt then make sure to add the below listed attractions in your must-see list.

1. The Pyramids of Giza

If you haven’t explored the Pyramids of Giza when in Egypt then your tour is not really complete. You must visit this iconic wonder and witness them in all its glory.

As much as 4000 years old, these are one of the oldest structures of the world that stands on the Giza plateau in Greater Cairo, Egypt. Originally, these massive wonders were built to preserve the coffins of Egyptian Pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure.

They are considered to be the ancient relics of Egypt’s primitive monarch era. These monumental tombs will leave you enchanted with their architectural complexity and rich history.

You definitely cannot afford to miss out this iconic attraction if you plan your Egypt tour.

2. The Grand Egyptian Museum

Much like how the name suggests, everything featured here would be “grand”. To be inaugurated in the year 2020, this will be the largest archaeological museum of the world.

This grand museum will hold some of the most ancient and rare findings of primitive history. This highly anticipated antiquities museum covers 5,200,000 square feet.

You can pretty much understand how epic the tour would be to this larger than life museum. So get ready to be awestruck by visiting this never-before-seen museum.

3. Luxor & Aswan

Luxor and Aswan are two popular Egyptian cities that you cannot miss out if you plan your trip to Egypt. And one of the best ways to explore these cities is by hopping on board of a luxury Nile cruise.

By choosing the right Egypt luxury travel package from a reputed travel & tourism company you can go to discover the beauty of these majestic cities. These cities have the perfect blend of majestic temples, monuments and amazing history associated.

Some of the must visit locales that these cities have are Karnak Temple, Valley of The Kings, Philae Temple and more.

4. Khan El Khalili Bazaar

It is said that the best way to learn something about a place is by visiting the local shops or what we know as “bazaar”. Khan El Khalili is a widely popular bazaar situated in Cairo, Egypt.

Your Egypt tour is incomplete if you don’t visit this open air market where the life of Egypt is hustling. You can get your hands on the rarest of items ranging from clothes, spices, jewelry and what not.


The above listed attractions are just a few of the things that you cannot afford to miss. Egypt, otherwise, is filled with locales that can give you an unforgettable journey. Make your travel to Egypt an experience to remember.

Choose the best travel and tourism company to book the most suited Egypt luxury travel package.

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