5 Tips to Sanitize a Shared Desk at Workplace

Our work practices and work space have undergone tremendous changes in 2020. For some, their home has become a full-time office. For others, the office time has been controlled and new hygiene habits have been in place to protect themselves and others.

If you’ve used a co-working space or sharing desk during the Covid-19 period, you will know that you’ve taken action to make sure that your work space is cleaned before you work. But how to exactly clean a shared desk? What are the guidelines? Here, we have answered all these queries for you. So, read on.

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Unplug the Electronics

Before you completely clean your co-working space, make sure you close and unplug any of your equipment in your work space. This will protect your device while your place is cleaned.

Sanitize Surface Items

Surface items may be the hotspots of bacteria and viruses. Pen, pencil, coffee cup – all these items can come in contact to your mouth, face and hand. Therefore, it is very important to remove or clean up these items before you hand over your desk to the next user. When you remove each item, carefully use antibacterial solution to wipe each surface. After cleaning, place the item in the clean space away from the work desk, dry for five minutes.

Cleaning any Permanent Fixtures

If your co-working desk includes display, keyboard, mouse, or other electronic devices, these will need to be disinfected before you exchange the table. Keyboards and mice are especially bacterial hotspots. This phase may be tricky because the electronics may be sensitive to sprays. Read your device’s best cleaning method. For example, compressed air can be a useful tool that thoroughly cleans the keyboard. At the same time, glass cleaner is not the best product used on laptop screen or computer monitor.  They will not only damage your screen, but they also rarely include antibacterial ingredients.

Sanitize the Desk Surface

Use antibacterial wipe (or antibacterial spray and cloth) to clean your colleagues’ work desk. Wipe the entire table and around it, especially ensuring that the “high contact” areas are completely cleaned, such as the space in front of the seat and the edge of the table.

Additional Tips for Employers

If your office is performing a shared work desk policy, it is important to make your employees equipped with the information they need to ensure the safety of the work space.

  • Equip your office with extra micro-fiber cloth. This is cleaned, each time it is used.
  • Reduce shared equipment (encouraging employees to bring their own equipment and stationery).
  • It should be forbidden to eat and drink at the desk.
  • Arrange regular professional cleansing to keep your work space as safe as possible.

These are the key steps to clean a shared desk in an office. If you are looking for expert office cleaners in South Eastern Melbourne, you can always approach us for the best services.

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