Does PMP Certification An Essential Need For Project Managers? 4 Reasons To Support

As you all know, PMP certification or project management professional certification is a prized possession offered by the US non-profit professional organization. Every project manager is recommended to gain this certification in order to boost up their career along with their position.

What about you? Are you interested in taking a step ahead in your career? Well, then you must think about this certification course.

Many aspiring career builders, especially the project managers, showing interest in this PMP certification often encounter a dilemma. The only thing that frightens them is – is the certification course worth it? Since the PMP certification Dubai course is a bit expensive and time-consuming, they end up making a second thought.

Friends, if you are facing the same issue, you must not skip this content. Keep reading the article and you will encounter whether PMP certification adds value to the career or is just a waste of money.

4 Reasons why a project manager must acquire a PMP certification in his career

  1. Make your resume stronger: A resume or CV illustrates your skills, experiences, professionalism, and achievements. The more points you have to showcase on your resume, the better you have the opportunity to build a strong career ahead.

    Being a project manager and having a PMP certification thus add a strong value to your resume. Since the PMP certification program has great importance, it becomes easier to impress the interviewers and get appreciation.

    Want to impress your interviewers? Get a PMP certificate and add this to the achievement section of your resume.

  2. Gain more knowledge and skills: Project managers are plenty in number but not all of them possess the same knowledge or skill. Only those who possess more skills and more knowledge are always considered the best among all.

    Do you like to build a stand out position in your career? Getting a PMP certification can contribute a lot in this scenario. PMP certification courses include building basic knowledge regarding the project management process. From handling the project with advanced techniques to learning the current trends, all you can learn while having this certification course.

  3. Enter into a high pay slab: The more you own advanced skills and knowledge, the more you will be appreciated by your boss. That’s the trick. And your appreciation will be in the form of your position and salary. Agree or not?

    PMP certification course thus ensures a high paying scale to the project manager who has a degree of this certified course. According to the recent survey, the minimum wage of a project manager with PMP certification is around $1,08,000. Whereas, the standard project managers’ income is around $90,000.

    A great hike in the salary is waiting for you. Just enlist your name in the PMP certification Dubai.

  4. Enhances your professional marketability: A project manager with a degree of PMP certification can work globally with different marketers. Making relations with global organizations is just a piece of cake for him.

    Therefore, it can be said that PMP certification boosts up the professional marketability, turning project managers efficient and proficient in their field.

More About The PMP Certification

To acquire the PMP certification Dubai, you have to qualify in 5 individual performance domains. These include –

Project initialization (13%)

Project planning (24%)

Project execution (31%)

Project monitoring and control (25%)

Project closing (7%)

The test paper includes 200 multiple choice questions out of which 25 questions are not counted in the final score.

Are you ready for a career hike in the same project management field? Register your name for the PMP certification.

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