The Best Places to Find Frelance Remote or Hybrid Jobs (2022 Update)

The choice of freelancing or hybrid job as a career is entirely up to you. If it is, though. The top 68 websites for looking for a freelance job or hybrid jobs online are listed below.


Freelance work comes in so many different forms. Opportunities exist in the fields of content planning, commercial growth, and picture and video editing. There are countless opportunities. While there are many specialist websites that serve full-time freelancers in various sectors, not every type of hybrid jobs has its own specific website. In these cases, you should go to a more generalized freelance or Hybrid job search website. The most well-known websites have more open posting policies, so you may find a large range of possibilities in whatever industry you’re seeking work in.

1-      Upwork

The largest freelancing marketplace in the world, Upwork, offers a tonne of Hybrid job possibilities for all types of expertise (for example, web designers, graphic designers, writers, and project management specialists). Despite the fact that the precise number of freelancers registered with the site is unknown (around 16 million freelancers were using Upwork in 2018), in 2020, freelancers received a staggering $2.3 billion in payment from tasks placed on the platform.

2-      FlexJobs

An employment platform called FlexJobs focuses on “flexible” jobs, which include freelancing possibilities, on-site work with flexible or alternate schedules, and remote jobs (both full- and part-time).

3-      Craigslist

Craigslist is a terrific way to sell your worn albums or locate used furniture, but it’s also a great place to discover new jobs. Due to its extensive reach and inexpensive job advertising costs, this well-known classified advertisements website has become a go-to for businesses.

4-      Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers. Whatever sort of job you are searching for, Fiverr probably has it with its outstanding 250+ categories of professional service offers.

5-      Freelancer

Another well-known freelancing marketplace with a strong customer roster is Freelancer.

Additional Resources for General Freelance Jobs

Although some of the most well-known websites for locating a range of freelance employment possibilities may be the ones we just discussed, they by no means are the only ones! There is a tonne of websites available that offer anything from virtual aid and marketing to video editing and research (and just about everything in between).

Freelance job posting

You might also visit the following websites, which provide a wide variety of freelance or hybrid employment. Try the following employment forums for freelancers:

6-  Freelanced

7-  goLance

8-  Guru

9-  OnSite

10-   SolidGigs

11-   Workhoppers

12-   YunoJuno

For short-term contracts, gig, and/or hourly work, try:

13-   Gigbucks

14-   PeoplePerHour

For student-specific freelance opportunities, try:

15-   StudentFreelance

For micro jobs (extremely short-term opportunities), try:

16-   JobBoy

17-   Microworkers

18-   Zeerk

For remote-only opportunities, try:

19-   Remote

20-   Remotive

21-   SkipTheDrive

22-   Virtual Vocations

23-   We Work Remotely

24-   Working Nomads

For general job boards, try:

25-   Amazon Mechanical Turk

26-   CareerBuilder

27-   Dice

28-   Glassdoor


30-   Ladders

31-   The Muse

32-   Nexxt

33-   SimplyHired


If you know where to search, there are a tonne of freelancing possibilities for writers and editors, regardless of whether you have experience writing and reporting the news, editing non-fiction, or developing interesting blog material. Here are some resources for freelance writers and editors that you should look into in order to get your next job.

34-  Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs is a resource for writers and editors as well as a job board. The website searches the internet for relevant writing and editing tasks and posts them twice a week along with advice and articles on everything from how to develop strong writing abilities to how to start a successful writing or editing career.

35-  Journalism Jobs

An employment portal called Journalism Jobs is for journalists looking for their next position. The website offers a wide range of journalistic options, such as writing/reporting and editing positions.

36-  Contently

Using the content marketing platform contently, businesses may collaborate with independent content creators on a range of initiatives (like blog posts, white papers, and case studies). Simply construct an online portfolio that features your greatest work to get started. After viewing your samples, brands can contact you about any jobs they believe would be a suitable fit. Other Websites to Find Freelance Writing or Editing Jobs

37-   Blogging Pro Job Board

38-   Contena

39-   Freedom With Writing

40-   Freelance Writing Jobs

41-   Online Writing Jobs

42-   ProBlogger Job Board

43-   Scripted

44-   TextBroker

45-   Trionds

46-   WriterAccess

47-   Writerbay


Both design and software engineering/development require a high level of specialization. Fortunately, they also offer specialist employment boards! Here are some of the top websites for finding freelance or hybrid work for engineers, designers, and developers.

48-  99designs

A design network called 99designs links companies with designers for a range of jobs, including branding, bespoke graphics, and logo creation. The site is most well-known for its design competitions, in which clients submit a brief and designers submit their concepts in an effort to win the bid and the job.

49-  AngelList

The go-to resource for anything startup-related is AngelList. Although the website provides a range of services for businesses, its enormous employment board which matches people with startup opportunities is by far its most well-known and popular feature. Other Websites to Find Freelance Jobs for Designers and Developers

50-   Art Wanted

51-   Authentic Jobs

52-   AwesomeWeb

53-   Behance

54-   Codeable

55-   Computer Assistant

56-   Coroflot

57-   CrowdSpring

58-   DesignCrowd

59-   DesignHill

60-   Dribbble


62-   Scalable Path

63-   SEOClerks

64-   Smashing Jobs

65-   StackOverflow

66-   TopCoder

67-   Toptal

68-   WPHired

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