Different Types of Items in Diablo 2

Items are different types of objects that a character in the Diablo 2 game carries. These items form a crucial part of the Diablo 2 game. Players keep hunting for better types of equipment in order to level up their game. The better the quality of the equipment, the faster they reach the higher levels.

One of the greatest assets of Diablo 2 is that there are numerous items available for each character to choose from. As the game started developing, different forms of equipment have come into the picture, which made the gameplay even more interesting. However, it takes a lot of time for the player to get equipped with advanced items. So, a few players buy diablo 2 items online.

Advanced equipment comes with a wide range of customization options with which the player can easily kill the enemies.

In this article, we have provided a list of various items available in Diablo 2, which every beginner player needs to know.

Types of Diablo 2 Items


This is one of the smallest items available in Diablo 2 that can be placed in a socket to enhance the gear of the player. There are different types and qualities of gems available in this game that decides the type of stats a player receives when the gem is placed in the socket.

Gems available on Diablo 2 game are available in 5 different qualities: Flawed, Normal, Chipped, Perfect, and Flawless. The gems in Diablo 2 are ranked from lowest to highest.

Each gem in the game comes with a predetermined feature that helps the player to level up the game. For example, a player cannot use high-level gems for cubing and trading, whereas he can use low-level gems for the same.


Runes are also similar to gems, and they can be placed inside a weapon. If the runes are placed correctly, the player will receive a rune word.

Through a holandric cube, players can easily upgrade their runes to a powerful one. Even the higher level of runes can be upgraded but the only requirement to do so is by collecting an extra gem.

As the Diablo 2 game expanded, the runes were replaced by The Stone of Jordan Ring.


Charms are the items that were introduced in the Lord of Destruction. When collected in the inventory, the charms provide a bonus to the players. Rings and Amulets always appear unique or magical, and they cannot be spawned normally like other charms.

Charms come in different sizes like Grand, Large, and small. The grand charms occupy more space in the player’s inventory while the large charms only occupy 1×2 space in the player’s inventory. Of all the small charms occupy very little space, and they can spawn with certain affixes. Players can even buy diablo 2 items like charms, online.


Jewel is a type of item that can be inserted into sockets. Even these items are similar to runes and gems. The only difference between Jewels and gems is that Jewels come with random magical properties, whereas gems possess predefined properties.

When socketed into different items, Jewels do not change their properties. For extreme item customizers, this is one of the best items to possess.

If the player receives rare jewels, it consists of 4 magical properties and even unique. Only eight unique jewels are present in Diablo 2, and they are known as the rainbow facet.


These are a different set of objects that a player can use to create a portal in the nearest place or to identify other objects. To use this object, a player needs to right-click on the object; if it is a Scroll of identity, then the object is identified.

After completing the quest in Diablo 2, the Scroll of Identify loses its properties. The working of the scroll is similar to Identify spell in Diablo 1.


Potions are a different set of items that are used to regenerate the stats of the player or to return the game character to a stable condition. For example, the Antidote potion can restore the poisoned character in Diablo 2.

Healing potions are used to restore the life of the character over time. They are helpful during the battles, and the players can buy diablo 2 items like potions, from any vendor online.

On the other hand, mana potions heal the player pretty fast compared to the healing potions.


The above mentioned are some of the commonly used items in the Diablo 2 game. If you are a beginner, try to make use the most out of these items and level up your game. Try to collect as many powerful items as possible in order to win over the opponents with ease.

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