4 Qualities That You Must Look for Choosing Basketball Court Surfaces

Choosing the right type of flooring system matters a lot when it comes to Basketball court surfaces. Now whether you are installing the surface for a backyard basketball court or for an indoor stadium court, choosing the right one is very much important.

After all, picking and installing the right sports surfaces not only enhances the performance of the players but also ensures safety for them. Now, there’s an availability of a variety of products for the construction of indoor and outdoor basketball floors. However, which one is suitable to create is the real challenge.

However, there are certain qualities that you must keep in mind while choosing these items. These qualities will ensure that you are choosing the right basketball court surfaces. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1. Durability

The first quality that you must look for is the durability it offers. Whether you are choosing a surface for indoor basketball court or an outdoor one, see the flooring system is durable enough to tackle intense foot traffic. You need something that would not only look great but also perform great for over a long period.

You must keep in mind that the surface you would be choosing is durable to withstand major foot traffic along with other elements that it would be exposed to when in use or not in use. Especially if you are choosing a surface for an outdoor basketball court.

We recommend you to go for surfaces that have UV resistance and one that can endure extreme temperatures such as snow, ice, extreme heat, etc.

2. Traction

Another prime quality that you must look for while choosing basketball court surfaces is traction. A surface that offers good traction prevents slips and falls on the floor. It is extremely necessary as it eliminates the chances of athletes from tripping and falling while performing on the floor.

Along with good traction you must also keep in mind the shock absorbency level of the floor. So that even if the players slip and fall, the level of impact is less and the chance of causing serious injuries is minimized considerably.

3. Perforations

This quality is important for outdoor basketball court surfaces. As the basketball court would be constructed outside, it is extensively exposed to rain and damp weather conditions.

Therefore, a perforated flooring system is ideal. Perforations on the tiled surfaces allow the water to drain away right through it. This will ensure that no stagnant water is on the floor and you can use the floor as soon as the rain stops.

4. Installation

Lastly, make sure that you consider the installation method for the sake of your convenience. A snap together court surface is always an easy-install flooring option. In fact, they make a great option for DIY projects.

It is also a portable flooring option ideal for backyard basketball court surface installation. Depending on your convenience, pick the right installation method surface option.


So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right basketball court surface by keeping the above enumerated qualities in mind. After all, choosing the right sports surface is extremely crucial for the performance of the athlete and preventing accidents.

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