Where to Buy Washable, Reusable Plain Masks Online

Before 2020, when I heard “face mask” I pictured lying in bed with a sheet mask on or using my beloved face on a Sunday night. But now, it refers to something new to most of us.

The WHO has officially advised the use of cloth face coverings in public, especially in areas that risk being more populated. Even when self-isolation requirements begin to lessen on a state-by-state basis, it’s also likely that cloth face masks will continue to be worn to prevent another COVID-19 outbreak.

If you don’t have the materials to make yourself one at home, many masks can still be found online—and in colors and fabrics that have the potential to spark some joy. Here you can buy plain masks online:


  1. Black Plain Mask

Buy the best quality 100% cotton made safety mask with 4 layers of protection from bacteria and viruses. We provide different types of plain masks for health-conscious peoples who love to explore the outside world with precautions. Click here!


      2.Custom Plain Purple Mask

Stay safe with our new collection of custom face protector’s masks!

  • Washable and reusable
  • Four-layer protection
  • 100% cotton
  • Breathable fabric
  • Comfortable Ear loos

Buy here: https://www.neweramasks.com/product/custom-plain/


    3. Plain Blue Mask

Buy the best quality washable safety mask made by 100% cotton and secure your family from germs and bacteria with 4 layer protection. We provide different types of plain masks to shield your face and to make you a little different from your surroundings.

Check out here: https://www.neweramasks.com/product/plain-blue/

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