Adidas Yeezy Slide Soot — Details, Price, Date

It has been quite a journey. The Yeezy brand has been with us for over a decade now, and they continue to impress us. The Yeezy locomotive keeps chugging on merrily, getting more fame and more business on the way. It shines bright in the multi billion dollar market, despite it being chock full of hyped sneakers.

Despite the pandemic, Adidas brightened up the spring season with rich earthy tones like brown, bone, and resin — and now this summer it is time for the darker tones. The Yeezy Slide returns with darker shades — the Yeezy Slide Soot sporting charcoal black and its brother, Core, a dark khaki green hue.

While competing with the previous line up, both the Adidas Yeezy Slide sneaks are expected to be wildly successful and profitable. It is a signature of Kanye West that he is prepared to take risks with bold designs and come up with products out of dreams. This has been true especially for the Yeezy Slide series — it was ridiculed on social media mercilessly, but despite all the negativity it has risen up and is whamming up new shades after shades.

What You Need to Know About Yeezy Slide Soot

These remarkable sneaks, the Adidas Yeezy Slide Soot, sell for a remarkably rounded up figure of fifty euros (EUR 50), that is about 62 USD in the states. The estimated resale value of this awesome footwear goes up around $150, or even more as the market plays out.

An interesting and beautiful piece of footwear for your collection and comfort, they had hit the shelves for the first time on the fourth September of last year. It was released in two colorways, Soot and core. The Yeezy Slide Soot is of charcoal black color, holding a separate level of prestige on its own. The core version is matte khaki green, looking very comfy on your feet!

Yeezy all the way! Already Yeezy has established itself as a giant figure in the sneaker space, it appears as if it is gunning for the entire foot-wear world. Kanye’s comfort footwear lineup, despite being bombarded by criticism, has been a massive hit across the wall and the shelves are getting emptied before they fill!

While expensive, the Yeezy slide line has always been on the ultra minimalist side, and with the Yeezy slide we see the same minimalism setting the trend. The Yeezy Slide Soot colorway features a darker brown matted toned finish similar to the Earth Brown colorway released in the previous lineup. Meanwhile, the Core colorway looks closer to home with a slightly lighter earthy tone.

The Yeezy slide soot version is very comfortable, owing to the fact that these sneakers include injected EVA foam and soft foot beds. They are aesthetically simple and minimal to look at, putting no strain on your eyes. You will note the only small detail that is the small swooping dent at the rear and Adidas logos on the foot bed.

Beat the heat this summer with these incredible shoes this summer, or resell them and enjoy the profit! The slide is remarkably good for general usage, and provides good traction with the ground. The footwear features a wavy out sole on the bottom, this provides good grip and interesting design to boot.

Thinking about resale, eh? Interestingly, the Yeezy Slide Soot makes for a great resale value. They were whipped off the shelves in minutes, they are in great demand everywhere, especially on ebay since the pandemic situation. If you are reselling these shoes, remember that since the original value of these are belo $100, you are not eligible to apply for the service fee waiver at ebay.

However, you can resell them on your own, no issues. Going for resale, there is debate whether the soot is better than the core for the sale value and demand, or not. Either way, that won’t make much difference, you can depend upon the Soot colorway to give you decent returns on your investment.

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