Tips to Choose Best Gloves for Mechanics

Gloves can protect your hand from anything, but you need a special one while you are working as an auto mechanic. You can be a mechanic for a car, motorcycle anything. Working with screws and hammers is a daily part of your life. Though there are a wide variety of mechanic gloves but you should choose the best one that makes your work comfortable.

Though there are tons of varieties available in the market, you should know how to choose the best gloves for auto mechanics.

Needless to say, auto mechanics have the possibility of different injuries. A perfect pair of gloves can reduce the chance of injury by 70%. But choosing the right one is tricky. let’s look at some factors to choose the right gloves for you.

Factors to check for perfect auto mechanic gloves –

If you want to buy a perfect pair of gloves for work but you don’t know what are things you should know then go ahead and read below mentioned points-

Check the material

Depending on the type of your task, you should choose the right material. analyze your daily task and figure out which material will provide you the best coverage. Select such gloves which are made of durable yet skin-friendly materials, it could be leather or something else.    Select the material of the gloves carefully.

Depends on injuries

 Auto mechanics have risk to such injuries as cuts, punctures, burns, etc.  Depending on your job, decide what kind of risk you may have. Choose thick material gloves like leather to protect your hand fully.   Go for padded materials.  Especially for the finger and plan area.


If you are dealing with chemical or electrical equipment, bruising may happen. You need gloves that are heat resistant. This type of auto mechanic gloves has a thick layer of materials that protect your hand from such injuries.

Chemicals you use

When you are cleaning the cars and using the strong chemical for other purposes your hand might get affected. Look for a liquid-resistant glove that does the job.

Check the temperature

The glove should be temperature-friendly. You may be doing the welding and other types of task that involves high heat or cold temperature. Your gloves should be made of temperature-resistant that protect your hand from heat and cold. Often cold-resistant ones are made with a special lining that keeps the heat controlled and traps it inside the insulated area.

Fitting and sizing

Fitting and sizing is the most common issue when it comes to the best gloves for auto mechanics. As you are going us them all the daylong it should be comfortable.  Choose the one which gives you the perfect fit from the inside out. Often inside may feel great but the materials are harsh. Be sure e about the proper size as an impact glove can give you discomfort.

Bonus tips

Often mechanics looks for such gloves that save their hand from the freezing cold as well as serve the purpose. Check in the market if there are such gloves that protect your hand from burns and wounds and for perfect for winter.

 Wrapping up

Check for such companies that make perfect gloves for auto mechanics.   Take a look at their online shop and other places to know if their products are a good fit for you or not.

Don’t be causal, analyze your daily work schedule and find out what type of task you do most. Is it related to chemicals, electricity, or other things?  What material suits you best?  Keep the temperature in mind too and choose your glove accordingly.

You can check the variety on the internet and read the reviews to find out which one will be best suited for you.  Choose the company that has beer market goodwill in making gloves for auto mechanics.  If needed talk to the adviser and share your requirements.

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