Top 5 Uses of Custom Made Poker Chips

Over the last couple of years, the popularity of custom made poker chips has really soared beyond the stratosphere. Over the years they have become immensely popular and they are being used in one way or the other. They make for excellent gifts and also for good wedding favors, drink tokens and even military challenge coins. Businesses are using custom made poker chips to grow their bands, couples are using custom made poker chips as wedding favors and fellow gamblers are gifting one another with custom made poker chips. They have a wide range of uses. Read on further to know more about them.

  1. Unique Business Cards :- In today’s day and age, almost everyone that you know or are in the process of knowing has a business card and business cards exchange hands all the time. They exchange hands very quickly and they are also used and thrown away, very quickly. The custom made poker chips make for very good business cards because they turn to out be one of the most unique ways to grab the attention of people and leave a lasting impression on them, something that they might not forget for a very long time.
  2. Personalized Poker Gifts :- During occasions in the calendar year actually make for excellent opportunities to give out personalized gifts. And it has been seen that people are using custom made poker chips for personalized gifts. There are few reasons for this because not only are custom made poker chips affordable but you can have them customized in any way imaginable by choosing the name, initials and other designs that are used on them. You also have the option of choosing how the colors represent the various chip values and you can even check the required option for denominations in order to have all the right chip values on the colored chips.
  3. Custom Drink Tokens :- In today’s day and age, every industry is witnessing unprecedented levels of competition and this is true for all businesses and especially businesses like pubs, bars and the restaurants. Many of these facilities have begun using custom made poker chips as an excellent way to offer promotions to their customers that the customers can choose to redeem for either free drinks or for free appetizers.
  4. Wedding Favors :- All couples getting married wish for their days to be memorial, special, spectacular and something that they can easily remember for the rest of their lives. In today’s day and age, it has gotten very common to use couples using custom made poker chips with the picture of the couple and a special message to go with it, to all the people that attend the wedding.
  5. Golf Ball Markers :- This is actually one of the most popular uses of custom made poker chips because people just love using them on the curse. You can easily create your own golf ball markers from custom made poker chips for a round of golf with your friends and can even include your logo or your photo on these markers.

The Bottom Line

They serve the need for a wide range of purposes. Just like all the things in life, not all are made to be the same. Some are surely better than the others and there are really quite a few number of ways to print on poker chips keeping their uses and price range in mind. The custom made poker chips can be used in a wide variety of ways and this is actually the main thing that is fueling their demand and popularity.

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