5 Assured Benefits You Get To Avail From A Seedbox

It feels like forever to complete a specific huge sized file download over the speed of your regular home network. We have all been through the struggle of torrenting issues over a long period.

So why not bid them goodbye for once and all? Bring home the power of super remote hosting server – seedbox and forget all about your torrenting troubles. This amazing server helps you to achieve a hassle-free torrenting experience no matter what.

Let’s take a look at some of the guaranteed benefits that you can get out of it. Read till the end to find out the amazing perks of using this server.

1. Enhanced speed

One thing that bothers us all while downloading or seeding files online is the sluggish speed of the home network. However, once you start making use of this server this issue is long forgotten.

In fact, it is one of the highlighting advantages that you can avail of from it. Just make the necessary setup and see how this amazing server works for you. It can give you a speed ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. That’s kind of unbelievable right?

Well, not anymore. Bring home this awesome remotely hosted server for availing enhanced speed downloads and seeding.

2.      Top-notch security

While trying to download the torrents the risk of being tracked is extremely high. This is because our home IP address is exposed to millions of trackers online.

But with the help from this remote hosting server, you will be getting the much-needed protection while downloading your torrents. You become anonymous instantly once you start making use of a seedbox.

Give your torrent experience an added layer of top-notch security with this amazing server.

3. Convenient usage

When it comes to the usage of this server there’s no doubt that it gives extreme convenience to the users. There’s no need to power on your computer for the download or seeding of files.

Therefore, saving your data allowance. Also, it can help you to avoid bandwidth throttling which is quite common when huge data files are downloaded over the home internet network.

All you got to do is fix up a storage seedbox and you are good to go. It is just that convenient.

4. Saves storage space

There are many seedbox companies that provide huge storage space to save your downloaded files over the server itself. This helps in freeing up your computer’s jacked up space.

You can keep your downloaded files on the server and save them for later use. When you feel the need for its use, an easy FTP download will suffice you. You will be able to view your file easily without any issue.

5.  Media streaming

Some seedboxes have the feature of providing some add on features. The most popular one being, the online media streaming feature. The pre-installed applications such as KODI or Plex can help you to stream files directly over your seedbox server.

You will get all the essential features of an online media streamer with your remote host server. Amplify your torrenting function by making use of this multi-functional server.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a seedbox now to avail the most out of your torrenting experience. You will get the high-quality experience of torrenting once you decide to bring home this amazing remotely hosted server.



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