How to Choose Best Wholesale iPhone Parts Suppliers in USA in 2020

There is no doubt Americans love iPhones. As per a recent study in early 2020, There are around 100 million iPhone users across the USA, nearly half of all smartphone users in the United States. No wonder many wholesale iPhone parts suppliers are doing a great job. We will discuss how to choose the best from the lot.

SmartPhones are a Way of Life

How would it be like, If I ask you not to use your mobile phone for a week? 9 out of 10 people will panic. Forget a week; it’s tough to imagine a day without a mobile phone. Mobile phones and devices have become more than a necessity. They have become a part of life, rather a way of life. Everyone, be it a student, a homemaker, someone working in a corporate set up, an entrepreneur running their store, and so on, needs a mobile phone.

The invention of mobile phones was for communication. However, it’s no longer a device used to call and catch up with friends and family once in a while. The smartphone has gradually replaced your telephone, your mailbox, newspaper, your camera, your music system, PlayStation, Wallet, Books, the list is endless. If you think of it, it has now started replacing the desktops and laptops with enhancing computing, ample storage, extended battery backup, and mobile apps for almost anything you want to do.

Which iPhone part Supplier is best for me?

Many mobile brands rule the charts like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, Google, and OnePlus. Each one has its user base. People seldom switch brands, hence the importance of quality wholesale dealers who provide original iPhone parts and accessories across the USA has increased in the past few years.

Many wholesale iPhone parts suppliers also run iPhone repair shops in different parts of the US. We won’t list them out here; A simple google search can fetch around 5-10 suppliers that are quite popular. Choosing one out of them can be tricky for both customers and a small iPhone repair shop that procures the parts from these top suppliers. Let’s look at the few pointers that can you in choosing the best wholesale supplier.

  • Fast and Timely Shipment – Most of the suppliers will claim high-quality products; however, do compare which one provides the quickest fulfillment of orders and timely shipping. If you are an iPhone repair shop owner who has customers lined up asking for new iPhone parts, the smallest delay can cost a lot.
  • Quality Control – There is a long journey between the wholesale supplier and the end customer. Phone parts and accessories have to be handled carefully at each step. Check if the supplier offers multiple hand testing throughout the supply chain, especially if you are looking for phone screens.
  • Hassle-Free Refunds – It doesn’t matter how carefully phone parts are delivered; there is always a chance of finding a damaged when you open the box. Check the refund policy of the supplier. Refunds should be hassle-free.
  • Warranty – Generally, you will get a lifetime warranty on iPhone parts. Try if your product has it or not. It’s advisable to go to the store that is offering a warranty for a future safety net.
  • Phone Repair Tools – This one is crucial for small dealers. Most of the wholesale suppliers also ensure you get support in terms of repairing tools like screwdrivers, tweezers, opening, and disassembly tools.
  • Customer Support – This one has to be the first criterion for choosing the supplier. All other factors can be significant: the quality of phone parts and accessories, timely delivery, lifetime warranty, etc. However, if the customer support is not up to the mark, rest can be fake promises. Check the track record, reviews by prior users
  • Inventory Size – Always check the inventory status of the wholesale stores. If they have a vast inventory of products, they might give you a super competitive price.
  • Additional benefits – Let us say you still can’t decide. Try looking for other benefits offered by stores like broken screen buyback program, a pre-owned devices program, premium accessories, 30-day (or more) payment terms.

In Conclusion –

There can be arguments around too much dependency on smart mobile phones. However, you have to agree that if you have a smartphone, it makes you feel connected with the world and more secure. You need not worry if you have a damaged iPhone once repaired it will be as good as new. You need to know how to find the best store which provides the best services and products. Many wholesale iPhone part suppliers also have their chain of iPhone repair shops in the US. You can get everything you want, be it a brand new iPhone screen, batteries, accessories, or even repair tools at a highly competitive price. You need to do a little bit of research and find the best supplier that suits your need.

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