Top 10 Software Development Companies in Australia

Began in the late 90s, the IT movement really brought a revolution in the market. Now, no company is left on the entire planet where IT is not being implemented. Maintaining development speed with trends & growing business technology is becoming necessary for a company to survive in the current age of IT. This article talks about the best software app developers in Australia. Locating one of the best software developers in Australia could prove to be a herculean task. Hence, this compilation of app developer companies in Australia may prove to be a useful place for those who want good projects to be developed for their organizations or businesses.

  1. iQlance: The company has been providing app development solutions since as early as 2017 in Australia. The company provides both Web and App development services. The company has also divulged into game-development and latest trends such as AR-VR, and the Internet of Things. iQlance has been developing apps for both Android and iOS. Besides, it also develops apps for watchOS, tvOS, and wearables. The clients can get either Native iOS, Native Android, or Hybrid apps developed by iQlance The use of Flutter for developing cross-platform apps provides an added advantage. Besides app development, their certified developers are a leading website application development team and have extensive experience in working with the latest web technologies to produce custom web solutions. Whether it’s building a web presence for your business, a knowledge center for your company or empowering your apps/IoT devices via backend- iQlance does it all by covering a broad variety of web solutions and framework.


  1. Unified Infotech. Unified Infotech is an award-winning web and app development company that turns companies, SME’s, agencies and start-ups inside out digitally. Understanding their clients ‘ business needs, they are implementing agile solutions in ways never before considered. Their slogan says everything. Unified Infotech is into Mobile app development, Web Design & Development, Custom Software Development, and of course, UI/UX Design as well. Some of their well-known clients who would speak for them are Open Reel, HouseLab, Sofy, Citibank, and London Rag.


  1. Simform. Simform is a top custom software development firm with a mission to help successful businesses grow their engineering capabilities. Their team of 280 + experts has helped businesses by increasing their interest through their development services since 2010. Experts of this company offer you the best design to choose from, procedures to implement and taking updates of the regular or timely delivery of software projects. The teams take care of the development needs of the clients while the clients themselves are busy running their business. They are very serious about security and IP privacy. That is why they adopt company-wide processes to create stable environments for development, testing, and delivery.


  1. Hidden Brains InfoTech. Based in Sydney, Hidden Brains Infotech is an Award Winning Computer & Mobile App Development Company committed to providing end-to-end Internet, Mobile & Cloud IT services. From ideation, UX / UI design, development to software deployment, 5000 + Web & 1000 + Mobile apps were successfully delivered to customers across 102 countries over 14 years. Their deep market experience and forward-looking approach let them take advantage of fundamental technology changes in business solutions to re-imagine the smart business’s potential. They are Microsoft Certified Partner and have won several awards for Corporate Excellence & Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, including ICTIS Global Business & Academic Excellence Award 2017.


  1. Iflexion. Iflexion provides its customers and clients with services that range from custom software development to web and mobile apps. Iflexion offers a number of services including appl design, development, maintenance, and support services as well as the flexibility of engagement models. They also clear you the scope of projects. You should turn to Iflexion, if you are looking for a professional software development company to produce a custom enterprise software solution, an experienced integrator to build a connected business environment or a diversified team of developers to manage a bunch of enterprise devices. With a long-standing impact on the IT industry and more than 1,500 active projects, Iflexion is a provider of custom web app development for market leaders,  and developing companies with technology at its heart. Iflexion prioritizes the availability of fault tolerance, transaction speed, scalability, and applications while designing, creating, and running complex Web systems. If the clients are interested in Mobile app development, Iflexion has three choices for them – Mobile First, Web to Mobile, and Enterprise Mobility. Choosing an option from the specified three depends upon the clients’ requirements and needs.


  1. Cyber Infrastructure Inc. Being a top-notch custom software development company, Cyber Infrastructure Inc. services are designed to bring the business of consumers to the next level, by decreasing the gap between the consumer and the performance heights they want to achieve. Empowered by 14 + years of IT experience, CIS has the best skills to assist you with all the technical needs. They have consistently delivered optimal solutions for their vast global base of customers. Customers can make the most of their rich experience in fulfilling their particular IT needs. The various industries that CIS has covered over the 14 years include Travel and Hospitality, Retail & Ecommerce, Industries & Manufacturing, Automobile & Transportation, Hitech, Finance, Gaming, and Music. They provide services that include application development, open-source creation, mobile app growth, business intelligence and analytics, business process management, cloud computing deployment, front-end design, and digital marketing.
  2. OpenXcell. OpenXcell, since they came into being, has built more than 900 apps for their clients. The technologies they use are on par with the future of the IT industry. OpenXcell has been using technologies such as AI and ML to build a tracking system named TrackHive.  Hubble had approached OpenXcell is an IoT-based project with the idea of building a mobile app and smart network that can combine Motorola cameras, baby monitors and a range of audio products. As an example of an on-demand app, OpenXcell has developed Cabo -an on-demand car hiring service which started with the idea of providing luxury services to customers around the world. They offer airport transportation, transfers of activities, tours, and group transfers to easily accommodate the luxury services tourists demand. The company has also developed some turnkey projects aimed at transforming mobile advertising. An example can be cited as the Control Cast.
  3. Selleo. Seller has been offering technical services to more than 150+ software development ventures for customers from Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia for over ten years, developing and creating a variety of applications across a wide range of business lines, industries, and technologies that include Ruby on Rails, Elixir, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, and EmberJS. Seller is known for designing effective products having elegant interfaces and also similar user experiences. Using DevOps and Cloud automation they help their clients deploy their application lightning-fast with minimal human interference. The company has been rated 4.9 out of 5 points by Clutch.
  4. Diceus. This development company offers consulting technology, digital transformation, and software development services to organizations and government institutions. The company helps its clients by fostering new product developments, become more customer-centric, stay competitive and flexible, decrease IT operational costs, and acquire needed skills and technologies. They effectively combine their deep industry experience in banking, insurance, healthcare, robotics, renewable energy space & aerospace with proprietary and validated SDLC processes to deliver enterprise-grade solutions that help leading European, North American, UK, and Middle East organizations develop and operate more creative and productive businesses.


  1. Belatrix Software. Bellatrix Software is one of the leading agile innovators and application designers in Latin America. By developing high-quality innovative software, QA, testing and mobile solutions, we leverage the benefits of the Nearshore model and help our customers achieve their business goals faster. Using the Agile Methodology (Scrum) in combination with a Design Thinking methodology, they reduce the market time for their customers by providing access to top global talent, applied creativity, and industry best practices while minimizing costs. Our customers include the existing Fortune level as well as an emerging venture-backed company.


Wrapping Up

The article has discussed the top ten companies that divulge into software development using different technologies to reach the objective that their clients demand. Deciding which of them is the best has always been a question that can be best answered by the clients themselves. The aim of each of these development companies is the same – provide the best services to their clients. If the needs of the clients are being fulfilled within the suggested resource by one company, then there is no point in evaluating others to know which is the best.




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